Puressentiel is a French brand founded in 2005 by the spouses Isabelle and Marco Pacchioni,
both aromatherapists by training. Their mission was to create effective natural products accessible to all, using essential oils as the main ingredient.
Starting from their professional experience, Isabelle and Marco have developed a vast
range of products including pure essential oils, nasal sprays, air diffusers, products formuscular well-being and many others. Thanks to their attention to the quality and safety of products, today Puressentiel is an internationally established brand and one of the
main references in the field of aromatherapy and natural well-being.

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The philosophy of Puressentiel It is to provide natural and high quality products for the well -being and health of the body, through the use of essential oils.

Among the most popular products of Puressentiel We find the essential oils, electric speakers, products for aromatherapy and those for skin care.

The essential oils of Puressentiel They can be used in different ways: for aromatherapy, for skin care, for cleaning the house and for other specific uses, always following the indications on the package.

The essential oils of Puressentiel They are sure if used correctly, following the instructions shown on the package and taking into account the contraindications.

The ingredients used in the products Puressentiel They are natural and high quality, including essential oils extracted from aromatic plants.

No, the products Puressentiel They are not tested on animals and are cruelty-free certificates.

Yes, Puressentiel It offers products for skin and hair care, such as specific oils and creams.

The essential oils of Puressentiel They offer numerous benefits, including anti -inflammatory, antimicrobial, antioxidant and calming properties.

Yes, Puressentiel It offers products for cleaning the house based on essential oils, as detergents for floors and washing machine.


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