Solidea was born in 1976 in Castel Goffredo in the province of Mantua. In the eightiesproduces socks and tights for some of the most important international designers and luxury brands, in the period of the great diffusion of Italian fashion. Since 2001, Solidea it also expands into the European market and overseas, becoming increasingly present in 70 countries around the world and with 15,000 points of sale in Europe alone.

Enzo Pinelli, founder of the brand Solidea has been able to enhance the manufacturing tradition of the Castel Goffredo stocking district dove has acquired its own know-how. Solidea revolutionized the concept of elastic stockings with collections of fashion stockings and tights with graduated compression, which combine the well-being of the legs and the effectiveness in the prevention of circulatory pathologies with antithrombus stockings, anti-cellulite stockings and maternity stockings.

Rediscover the pleasure of having light and beautiful legs with Solidea! Discover the wide range of socks and tights Solidea and choose your favorite model on our site at truly competitive prices.

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Solidea It offers a wide range of products, including graduated compression socks and tights, leggings, pants, trousers, socks and post-operative products.

Graduated compression stockings of Solidea They offer numerous benefits, including the prevention of circulatory pathologies, the improvement of blood circulation, the reduction of swelling and muscle effort and a greater feeling of well -being.

Yes, the products Solidea They are made with high quality materials and are tested to ensure maximum tolerability even for the most sensitive skin.

To choose the right size of the socks Solidea, it is necessary to take the measures of the circumference of the ankle, calf and thigh and consult the table of the sizes available on the site Solidea.

Yes, the products Solidea They are washable in the washing machine at low temperatures and with delicate programs

Solidea It offers several product lines, including the Wellness line for prevention, the Silver line for bacteria control and the micromassage line for continuous massage.

Products Solidea They are particularly suitable for the prevention and treatment of pathologies such as varicose veins, deep venous thrombosis, restless legs syndrome and chronic venous insufficiency.

Yes, the socks Solidea They are perfect for physical activity because they offer graduated compression that promotes blood circulation and reduces the risk of swelling and muscle effort.

Yes, Solidea It also offers a wide range of products for humans, including socks, gambales, tights and graduated compression socks.


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