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Since the herbalist's shop was founded in 1977, the Giorgini Dr. Martino company has been
always linked to the agricultural and artisanal traditions of Northern Italy. Even though today the products are no longer completely handmade, quality and health benefits have always been the top priority. Dr. Martino Giorgini's mission was to preserve the powerful healing force of nature and make it available in "ready-to-use" products.
Its unique extraction method produces "integral" extracts that preserve all the active ingredients, the nutrients of the original plant and its vital energy.

The academic training of Dr. Martino Giorgini and his constant research on nutrients and phytotherapy are the basis of all his products and activities. This made it possible to transform in a short time tempo a small herbalist's shop in an excellent Italian company.

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The ingredients used in the brand's products Dr Giorgini They are of natural origin, such as extracts of plants, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, enzymes and probiotics.

Among the most popular products of the brand Dr Giorgini There are food supplements, plants extracts, body and skin care products, and products for the purification and detoxification of the body

The products of the brand Dr Giorgini they are formulated to support the health and well -being of the body in modo natural, helping to rebalance the physiological processes, improve the functions of the digestive system, reinforce the immune system and encourage the beauty of the
skin and hair.

Yes, in general, Dr. Giorgini products have been designed to be combined with each other.
However, it is always advisable to consult a doctor or nutritionist before taking more than one supplement simultaneously.

Many products Dr. Giorgini are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. However, it is advisable to carefully check the ingredients of each product to confirm its suitability.

The waiting times to notice the results may vary according to the product and the individual.
In general, it is advisable to take on Dr. Giorgini supplements for at least 3-4 weeks before judging the results.

Yes, Dr. Giorgini supplements are safe if taken according to the recommended doses. However, as with any food supplement, it is advisable to carefully read the instructions and to consult a doctor or nutritionist before use, especially if you are taking
drugs or if you have a pre -existing medical condition.


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